Remember Cheating is not possible to win slots or any other game

In the early days of slot machines, many events of players were able to cheat in slots. However, in today’s computer age this is almost impossible. Gaming authorities around the world regulate mechanical and online slot games. Advances in technology have deceived slots beyond the scope of possibilities. Of course, if you have a trained, prepared team in the Oceans Eleven movie, you can remove it. Slot online today on websites like use random number generators, so hackers work hard to damage slots.

In the early days of slot machines, you could benefit from some sort of  coding. Today, there are no inequalities with the use of RNGs. The authorities will further ensure that the slots operate legally and all legal casinos will be regulated. Unqualified slot players have come up with more and more innovative ways to cheat. In the past most violations were in mechanical slots. As technology improves, cheating becomes harder, and only a handful of operators are increasingly caught by casinos, expelled from the platforms, and banned. Others were arrested by police and taken to jail.

Breaking the code initial days

At the beginning of the last century, slot machines began to appear in salons and gambling dens around the world. They were originally called an armed bandit, and the name has survived to this day. From the beginning, some people tried everything to cheat in the slots, and some of them succeeded by inducing jackpots and getting payouts unfairly. Early slot machines in the states accepted nickel coins. Fraudsters started smelting metal for fashion counterfeit coins and called them slot slugs. False coins are tricked into offering slot machines free spins. Subsequently, the dimes were taken as the choice coin. Then they started filing a penny towards a dime, so they cheated the slot to give them a nine percent rebate with each spin. Another technique is to drill a hole in the coin, insert the sting and lower it into the coin-slot to induce spins before removing it.

Slot makers faced early slot fraudsters with coin escalators. Casino operators can detect fraudsters so that all the coins they insert are displayed on the glass window. As traditional 3-reel slots evolved into electronic video slots, cash bills and bar codes replaced coins. The old drum reel setup made way for complex random number generators. They move the reels with infinite combinations as they become impossible to deceive. Despite all this, there are still attempts to cheat at slots, there are more innovation schemes and methods in land casinos. Online slots are also hard to cheat because they are electronic. They are completely controlled by random number generators and are completely unpredictable. There are no promising cases of online slot fraud, which shows just how secure they are.

Instead of cheating in slots, you can improve your chances of winning by following a few basic rules. Always exit when you are ahead. If you kill and win the jackpot, relax. Enjoy the feeling of success. Don’t spoil it by losing all of this again. You need to seriously consider withdrawing your achievements and being content. You should not chase losses, because it is difficult to follow a losing streak with a win. Negative emotions can lead to depression and even more heartbreak.


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