How to gamble with free online Mega joker

Mega joker consists of a basic 5-paying, a primary 3 reel and progressive jackpot. You can get gambler easily with online joker gaming downloadat your comfort zone as long as you have an internet connection. The online slot joker version comes with a supper meter as well as the primary mode. So, the more wagers you place on this mega jackpot, the more your chances of winning.

Mega Joker slot Machine

Mega joker slot betting machine is one of the new online downloads in the gaming industry. It is also a famous gambling game in an online casino, and so far it has registered more than a thousand fans across the world. Mega online slot game consists of four major game control buttons.

It is also a progressive slot gambling machine that doesn’t have a wild symbol. It also comes with multiplier functions and free spins. The online joker slot game has fruit theme symbol features like water-melon, orange, cherries, seven, plum, chest and bell. Below is a Mega online joker playing guide:

Increasing income power

You can improve your income power and also entertaining yourself with online mega joker slots game. If you decide to gamble between 1 to 10 coins, you can walk away with ten and increase wager feature to advance to the mega meter mode. All the credit will be kept in a super meter once you’ve already signed up.

Mystery award winner

If you hit a hundred joker at the center reel, it will become an award mystery winning that could be something between 100 and 2000 credits. Betting with 200 or more bet will offer you between a 100 and also 2000 credits. They are known as a random chosen progressive lottery or jackpot bet with more chances of winning.

Coin value

Firstly, you will have to click the coin and choose the coin value. The bet enables to choose between 1 to 1o in a primary mode and 20, 40, 100, or 200 bets in a mode of supper meter. Maximum bet plays the game at the top bet lines, to the wager rank and pre-select coin value.


Joker gaming download slot has drawn a random progressive jackpot. Every time you decide to gamble, a portion of the gamble is typically added into the jackpot. It is therefore paid in the value of a progressive jackpot whereby the casino will anytime the lottery is won.


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