Largest Poker Site Of Asia

Idn Poker The Largest Poker Site Of Asia

Idn poker is indubitably one of the biggest poker networks present in Asia. It has also been ranked 2nd in the world as most diversified and omnipresent network for poker players after Shen pokers. The enormous size of this poker game is mainly due to large network mesh of the game which is present almost all over Asia with current member counting of above thousands.


The network of this poker site has its main roots emerging from Indonesia however the company expanded its reach in 2018 and now also has a large network in the region of Manila in Philippines and is based on the same.

Reach and features

The site utilizes contemporary technology to give the players some beautiful immersive experiences and provide them with latest security features to minimize the chances of cheat. There are almost around more than 60,000 monthly active players and approximately 10 million users worldwide.

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Some features of the site are that the site supports multi currencies and helps in convenient transactions all over Asia. Many western countries do not know about the sites as the major dominance of this site is in Asian countries. The major user base of the site is from:

  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

Other major elements

Idn poker also does include some unconventional features which make this site best in its category. These attributes include:

  • Tournament: through this feature the players can participate in various tournaments offered by various sponsors and partners of the site.
  • Provision of private tables: Through this site the players have the provision of creating and designing their own unique poker tables and also invite their respective friends to play along. An additional interesting attribution of these private tables is that they are password secured and only the user along with the invited guests has the capability of unlocking the table.
  • Feasibility of multi currency transactions: The Idn play site supports multi currency transactions therefore the users have the option to play in the currency of their home country or any other preferred currency as per the will of the user.
  • Progressive jackpots: The player through the game if lucky enough could get a chance to win billions of bucks through the takeaway jackpots which occur almost daily sponsored by the site brands. Although the stakes in the jackpot are much higher therefore one should opt for it only when feeling extremely lucky.
  • Self challenge: In this mode of the game the player can play with themselves in various modes like full ring or shorthand.

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