Indonesia is well known for its huge poker market, it is a very orthodox country and though it has a very good controlling of traffic this country is against gambling and online poker in their country, it is because the government is opposing it.

Poker in this country people do that in complete privacy and authorities they try to block the people from online gambling and online poker software who downloads it. There is a huge impact of poker spread over here and the government is trying to oppose gambling and making it illegal. Poker Indonesia is less popular here than any other country but still, it acts a very important role and creates a high degree of exposure.

Poker in Indonesia:

  • Here in Indonesia live poker goes on in underground games which are raided by police frequently to get your poker fix.
  • They are inclined to casino games not so much towards Poker, where you will hardly find a poker game.
  • Poker is now really coming in to view in Indonesia, but actually, they do not have professional pokers in country. It has been said that there was a man named John Juanda has started this game in Indonesia but now he moved to the US.
  • As it can be understood that there is no legal gambling, online poker sites in Indonesia, they only concentrate on regulating people to not to play this game. This country has not blocked any access to online pokers as their main target is to ban on sports betting and casino games.
  • Indonesian poker players are depositing and withdrawing money to online poker sites which is challenging, but they are using this option of money to their favourite poker sites.


Continuity of poker in Indonesia:

  • The future of poker is growing its popularity in Indonesia as the government has left with no option/ it is very unlikely to change its persistence towards poker or gambling soon.
  • Poker has not given any special status here like it is a game of a skill, it is just combined with other betting games they are opposed to them all. If you see here there is not even a lottery here, whereas betting is considered as wrong.
  • Indonesia is considered as more than a grey market, its black market as there is no uncertainty whether gambling is legal or not, and it is not.
  • Above all Indonesian online poker still looks safe in spite of the official opposition, there may be the appeal of all tax revenue that they are missing on will lead to outshine principles.

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