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Online Gambling Deposit And Pulsa

Amongst South East Asian nations, the heavily populated country of Indonesia has always taken the lead when it comes to online gambling. Gambling in all its forms is generally illegal due to the strong religious beliefs of the majority of the population. There are therefore very few gambling dens and gambling houses in this country. The few licensed Casinos that exist are mainly designed to attract tourists from abroad. But a strange revolution has been observed in the case of online gambling, called ‘Judi’ in the Indonesian language. Though actually illegal like all other gambling, Judi is rampant, and the legal authorities generally turn a blind eye to the operation of online gambling websites. In order to allow common people to easily make small to medium payments towards deposits for online gaming, the power of Judi Deposit PULSA is harnessed.

What Is PULSA?

PULSA is Indonesian for ‘Pulse’. It started as method to support prepaid mobile services all over the country in manner that is convenient and suits the pockets of common people. PULSA often takes the form of credit card sized plastic Scratch cards available at all mobile and electronic shops and having fixed monetary values. The covered alphanumeric codes on these cards can be revealed in order to recharge mobile phones. The other option which is now more popular is the digital transfer of fixed slabs of money from the phones of the agents representing the servers to the phones of the customers, again for purposes of recharge. This PULSA system was conveniently molded for use in online gambling, especially for the lower deposits of games like Slots, Online Casino, Pulse Bola, Judi Bola etc.

Online Gambling Games

Is PULSA Legal?

Of late, there has been concern in Indonesia about the misuse of PULSA for online gambling. The Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kemkominfo) and the BRTI have published plans to ban operators to distribute their products as PULSA (phone credit). However, the operators still can distribute the product under a different term called Judi Deposit PULSA. This is to ensure there is no confusion between the two uses.

In Future

The new rules mean that there is a sustained effort to stop the misuse of PULSA. In future, it is intended to replace PULSA with various ‘Wallets’ and ‘Packets’, in order to convert Real Money into Virtual Money and vice versa, for various financial transactions conveniently like online gambling. Judi deposit, of course, is here to stay.


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