Common Domino Terms You Should Know Before Playing Online Dominoes

Common Domino Terms You Should Know Before Playing Online Dominoes

Playing dominoes has become a regular activity for some people. You can even see them enjoying the game with their friends when you visit some coffee shops. Playing dominoes is a fun way to pass time so who can blame them?

But people are becoming more busy nowadays. Thanks to modern technology, these domino enthusiasts can still play with their friends. Online Dominoes allow them to play together even when in different places. Playing domino online is easy. Especially if you already know the common terms used in the game. Here are some terms you should be familiar with if you want to play Online Dominoes.

Ace. This is the end of a tile with one pip.

Arm. This refers to a row of dominoes set in a straight line in the layout of a matching or scoring game.

Bid. This is the number of points a player anticipates he can make for that hand.

Block. This term has two meanings you should be familiar with. It is often used to refer to a matching or scoring game. The process of playing a domino wherein your opponent is not allowed to follow in suit. This is also used to refer to the domino pieces.

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Boneyard. This is often used in matching and scoring games to refer to tiles that are not drawn at the beginning of the game. Players can draw from the boneyard during the game when they do not have any playable tile in their hands.

Deuce. A deuce is the end of a tile with two pips.

Dominoed. This is what you call a person who is the first to play the last tile in his or her hand.

Dominoer. This is the person who dominoed.

Hand. A hand refers to each individual round played between shuffles of the dominoes. It also refers to the dominoes held by a player during a round of play.

Head up. This is a game of dominoes played by two players only.

Shuffle. Mixing up the face-down dominoes. This is always done at the start of the game. As well as before each round begins.

Suits. These are dominoes having the same number of pips on one end. The blocks 0-6, 3-6, and 5-6 all belong from the 6-suit.

Trey. This is the end of a tile with three pips.

Widow or Widows. This refers to the tile or tiles left after each player draws their hands from the deck at the start of a hand. You can not divide the tiles in an equal amount among the number of players. This is often used in bidding games.

Playing domino online will now be not as much difficult as it used to be because you are familiar with more words. Always try to learn a new word related to your game and strategy. This is always helpful.


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