Online poker 101: How to make money without hurting your bankroll management

Online poker 101: How to make money without hurting your bankroll management?

If you are targeting to profit in online poker without damaging your bankroll, well, there are a lot of ways you can do it and you might probably read a lot of articles online telling you about some strategies, however, you might tend to forget the importance of these tips because you are already busy winning and playing your favorite online poker room.

If you want to become a successful online poker player, you should establish good bankroll management by first learning its importance and keep yourself financially stable in your online poker activity to fully enjoy the best of it like competing in tournaments and making money out of it.

For those who are not familiar with what bankroll management is, it is your money that you allocate for your online poker activity. This money does not include anything that you expect to earn or profit in the future. Meaning, this is prepared only for the online poker activity that you will be building so that you have funds that you can bet and risk and funds that you can use for your online poker activity.


However, a lot of online poker players tend to commit some silly mistakes that can simply be avoided to prevent your bankroll management from getting damaged. To help you out, here are some valuable tips you can follow to prevent this from happening courtesy of

  1. Do not use the auto-top option– For players using cash, one way to lose more than what you want to use during a gaming session is to use the auto-top feature of your favorite online poker room. The auto-tap feature lets you stack at the exact level that you purchased in for, however, this only works for expert players, for beginners like you, it means a recipe for disaster because it prevents you from determining how much you lost in a single session.
  2. Do not buy tournaments repeatedly– Buying tournaments repeatedly is very common among many online poker players, however, you are not aware that online casinos lure you with a small buy-in and a dysfunctional prize pool, where even the initial buy-in is already misleading. These tournaments in general only feature smaller starting stacks when you play online poker as the majority of players want to get double ups right away which entices to add more chips by purchasing it again which will surely affect your bankroll.
  3. Be early when you register for a tournament– If you are joining online poker99 tournaments, you should not wait for the registration because the registration rate is higher compared to those who registered early even though they say that they have registration promos, you still are staying on the wrong side of the fence for having to play for six to seven hours just to get a minimum cash.
  4. Be an early bird registrant– You have to register at the beginning of the tournament so that you can earn the maximum value for all of your buy-ins because the tournament initially gives you 3,000 chips for your starting stack which comes with an initial blind worth 20 gives. If you wait to register, then you only earn smaller blinds.

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