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Free or Difficult: How to Rate Poker Players

In any type of online poker, whether you play real money poker tournaments, cash poker or even play free online poker, you will discover that there are specific ways to measure your opponents and discover how they play In many ways, this It will happen by watching the players play, but the best thing you can do constantly to gain an advantage over other poker players is to take notes on the type of player. This will help you put each opponent a certain distance when they attract you to their hands. Today you will see several ways to measure poker players when they play multiplayer online poker.

Poker OnlineLoose aggressive (LAG)

Weak aggressive players will be the type you want to sit with and wait for a strong hand to play against them. The main reason for this is that no matter what type of poker you play, they will play with a wide range of hands and be aggressive. For example, this means that if you play free BandarQ Online and try to fool a LAG player, there is a good chance that he will beat you with something weak, but most likely he will increase it for how aggressively they play. It also means that it can be difficult to put these players in your hand, because they can play any type of initial hand you can imagine.

Tight Aggressive (TAG)

Strongly aggressive players are those who will often steal blindly. Even when you play free online poker when there is no real money, this type of player will simply play strong hands. However, it is important to keep in mind that this type of player will be incredibly aggressive when he has such a strong hand. This means that when they end up playing a hand and betting on you, you will need something strong to stand out in that hand! And who could blame these players for backtracking in online games? In addition to the convenience of playing at home, online poker for others is much more fun and new.


“Nit” in online multiplayer poker is the type of player who is going to be very stressful and passive, or just a poker fan. This is definitely the player from whom you want to remove the blinds, but there is a good chance that you may have problems with a good reading in these types of players, because even if they take a strong hand, they may not raise you. With that instead, they can allow you to constantly bet on them and simply call until the end. These types of players are probably the least common. But they are generally the type of players who are very careful with the games they play and the restrictions they play.


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