Asia’s most popular online gambling portal, W88

What is W88 and what is its purpose?

it is basically an online website that is known for hosting online gambling services. The headquarters of this website is located in the Philippines. Though the website is accessible throughout Asia, it uses the Thai language services and Thai currency into the website which is often considered for the ease of usage. The website is sincerely committed to becoming one of the leaders in the online gambling platform. And for this very purpose, it is always striving to improve its interface and develop continuously to introduce the latest and innovative games into its portal. And when it comes to w88, it focuses on providing the best games to play namely, live casinos, sports games, slots machines, and lottery.


How to create an account for gambling at W88?

Like any other trusted online gambling site, this one also uses a virtual account registered to only one person to let them have access to the huge online gambling portal. And to start gambling from this site, one needs to create an official w88 account first. The steps are discussed below. It’s fairly easy to make an account and to start playing your favorite games.

  • Enter into the official website and tap the option ‘Create an account’.
  • Fill out a form with the necessary details like name, phone number, email address, preferred currency, etc. and proceed.
  • Once the details are filled, read the terms and conditions and then click on the ‘Register’ button to get yourself an account.

What are the deposit and withdrawal options given into the site?

There are various ways of depositing money into your online W88 account and finally get access to all its online games and sports and start betting. Here are the major types of deposit procedures that are allowed into the website.

  • You can easily deposit money into the online account using an online payment service such as G-Pay, Fast Pay, Quick Pay and many more.
  • For those who have internet banking available can easily use this method. Simply go to the payment options and select internet banking and determine the amount to be transferred. The minimum amount is 250 baht.
  • Players can also avail of the option to deposit money by cash. After you are registered, you can simply deposit the money into the cash deposit box with your username and the money will be redirected to your account.

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