How to get more coins in Slotomania casino game

How to get more coins in Slotomania casino game

In today’s world, most of the peoples want to play games online for entertainment purpose. There are plenty of casino games available on the internet. The Slotomania game is different from the other casino games. Once you are playing this game, you will see why Slotomania game site has millions of players all over the world.

The social casino game has thrilling and exciting slot machines. There are more than 140 slot machines in this game for more entertainment. If you want to feel a thrilling and exciting experience, then you should try the Slotomania casino game. This game brings you a patulous range of fun and more traditional land. The slotomania free coins android game has amazing graphics level and good quality background music.

slotomania free coins android

Slotomania has full of surprises and plenty of secret bonuses for you. When you first signing up this account, the game provides you 20,000 thousand coins for a welcome bonus which can be helped to unlock the first slot machine. There are free coins and reward points for more entertainment. If you are continuously playing the Slotomania game, it awarded experience points to you. This helps you level up and keeps you more time in this game. If you need more coins, you can buy the coins using real money.

Another way to get more coins is that, by connecting your Facebook account. The Facebook free coins are the easiest way to get more coins. You can get 10,000 free coins by connecting your Facebook account to your Slotomania app. Depending on your level you will get daily free coins and you will get a bonus for every three hours.

The Slotomania game was available in both Android and iOS devices. You can able to get more coins by playing the game every day and log in the Slotomania site every day.


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